Isover Fireprotect Screws

Spiral galvanised steel screws for installing the ISOVER U Protect passive fire insulation system to HVAC ducts.

Features and benefits

  • Tensile strength: 2060-2290 MPa. Diameter: Wire: 1.6mm and Head: 20mm.
  • Galvanised steel

Product code : 04FZF

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Fire rating

ISOVER FireProtect Screws have been tested as part of the ISOVER U Protect passive fire protection system under EN 1366-1 and EN 1366-8 and assessed against BS 476: Part 24.  The ISOVER U Protect system offers up to 2 hours passive fire protection in HVAC ventilation and smoke extract ducts, as well as 1 hour passive fire protection for kitchen ducts.

The fire resistance is dependent on the application, the thicknesses of insulation used and the method of installation. The fire performance of the system cannot be substantiated if alternative components are substituted. Please refer to the U Protect Installation Guide for further details.