Manufacturer: ISOVER

Isover CLIMPIPE Sections Alu2

Designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation of pipe work, ISOVER CLIMPIPE Sections are strong, lightweight pre-formed ‘snap on’ sections with a reinforced aluminium foil covering and a self-adhesive overlap to help ensure a strong vapour barrier.

Benefits are:

  • Consistent density and concentric positioning ensures optimal thermal performance along the pipe, protecting the installation from external thermal variation
  • 1.2m pipe lengths offer fewer joints with reduced thermal bridging compared to traditional 1m pipe sections
  • Reduced noise levels for waste water pipes
  • Euroclass A2 Reaction to Fire classification
  • Manufactured from up to 70% recycled glass
  • Thermal conductivity - 0.033-0.179 depending on service temperature. See Product Data Sheet