Knauf Insulation Heraklith Tektalan A2 SmartTec

Heraklith┬« Tektalan A2 SmartTec is a wood wool cement panel combined with a rock mineral wool insulation. This best in class Heraklith panel combines outstanding fire-resistant, thermal and acoustic performance. 

Tektalan A2 SmartTec wood wool boards at 100mm thick or more can be fixed to concrete ceilings with just two screws. This unique 2-screw system for Tektalan wood wool board reduces installation time by up to 30%.

International fire tests show that solid concrete floors clad with Tektalan A2 SmartTec board can provide 180 minutes of fire resistance*. The panels can act as a heat shield, ensuring the integrity of the structure for longer during fires.

* Provided they are processed against solid concrete according to report 18203 / 18204

  • Rapid installation; standard concrete installation with 2 fasteners
  • High acoustic performance
  • Excellent fire resistance characteristics
  • Euroclass rating A2-s1, d0

Product code : 36TTA

Heraklith Tektalan A2 fibre width

The Heraklith® Tektalan A2 has a fibre width of 2mm as standard and 1mm fibre width is available. The panels are factory finished with a colour spray and bevelled all round.