Heraklith® A2 Decorative Panel 25x600x2000mm Natural (1mm)

Heraklith® A2 Decorative panel is a completely finished, square and smooth wood wool cement panel with an A2 fire rating.

This panel has been specially developed for the acoustic and decorative finish of walls and ceilings. In addition, concrete floors clad with A2 Decorative panels achieve a fire-resistance of 60 minutes*.

The panels also protect against the formation of surface condensation, ensuring a longer-lasting aesthetic finish.

*Provided they are treated in accordance with Classification Report no. 16211B in accordance with European norm EN 1365-2.

Product code : 36TA2D2000251BN


Key Performance Criteria

  • Euroclass Fire Classification : A2-s1, d0
  • Fire Rating Up To No Mins : Up to 60 mins

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Heraklith A2 Decorative Panel - fibre width

The Heraklith® A2 Decorative Panel has a fibre width of 2mm as standard and 1mm fibre width is available. The panels are factory finished with a colour spray and bevelled all round.