Ecophon Gedina A T15/24

The system consists of Ecophon Gedina™ A tiles and Connect™ grid systems, with an approximate weight of 2,5kg/m². The tiles are manufactured from high density glass wool. The visible surface has an Akutex™ T coating and the back of the tile is covered with glass tissue. Ecophon Gedina™ A can be supplied with primed edges or natural edges. The grid is manufactured from galvanized steel. For best performance and system quality, use Connect™ grid and accessories.

Product code : 56CEGA15

The surface on Ecophon Gedina™ is Akutex™ T

Akutex™ T is a well-tried painted surface, that in combination with the glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption. It is a porous surface that allows almost 100% of the sound energy to penetrate into and be absorbed by the glass wool core. The surface is a crucial element in the system constituting a class A absorbent. The high light reflectance (84%) means that Akutex™ T can lead to cost-effective and more energy-efficient lighting.