Easier Fitting with Exitile’s FlipFix Access Panels

Exitile FlipFix Access Panels allow for quicker and easier fitting into ceiling and wall systems.
Exitile FF 060 MD PF FL Access Panel With Flipfix Frame

Exitile Access have a long history in the manufacture of market leading access panels, designed to suit all types of ceiling and wall systems.

Exitile’s access panels allow for easy entry into ceiling voids and cavities where services and controls need to be readily accessible for maintenance or emergency procedures.


FlipFix Access Panels

The new FlipFix range of access panels mean there’s no need for any bracings or supports, screws or glue. A contractor can just cut out the hole, insert the frame, tighten the FlipFix device and the access panel will stay in place.

A construction project requiring 300 access panels could save 40 hours on fitting time with the FlipFix panels when compared to traditional access panels. The time spend on site would reduce by a whole week, reflecting in future tender submissions.


Key Features of FlipFix Frames

  • Easy to fit
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Excellent Finish
  • Fire Rated/Non Fire Rated Options


New Standard Lock Type for Metal FlipFix Access Panels  

The FlipFix Metal Access Panels now feature a new standard lock type! The patented flush lock has a sleek and clean design and sits completely flush with the panel.

Along with the new flush lock, the Metal FlipFix panels have a new mitreless frame. Say goodbye to bending and snagging, and hello to a sleeker, modern looking access panel with a reduced chance of bending and snagging when handled. 

View the Metal FlipFix Access Panels here


Exitile also manufacture a wide range of pressed sheet metal products for use in ceiling and wall systems. You can find out more about the Exitile range of products here.