British Gypsum Gyptone Sixto 63

A Class C sound absorber with a 15% perforated area. 4 tapered edge helps to reduce installation time and provides a quality finish. Geometric hexagonal perforated tiles and boards with sound absorbent tissue backing, providing a jointless finish ready for on-site decoration. All Gyptone boards are capable of giving sound insulation performance of Dncw = 39 dB.

Product code : 56CMGTST

British Gypsum Gyptone Boards

The Gyptone board range consists of seven different pattern types. Boards can be used in conjunction with British Gypsum seamless, monolithic and curved ceiling systems: Casoline MF, CasoLine Curve or GypLyner Universal. ACTIVair now available in all Gyptone boards, E15 and A-edge tiles.