British Gypsum Gyptone Quattro 41 Hatch

Gyptone QUATTRO 41 Access Hatch offers unobtrusive access to a matching Gyptone line acoustic board.

Supplied as a complete set of frame and hatch. Gyptone inspection hatch fulfils three main goals:

  • Fully integrated in the design of the ceiling
  • Ready to fix, fill and paint
  • High quality and speed of installation

Access hatch dimensions:

Frame – 600mm x 600mm x 12.5mm

Hatch – 510mm x 510mm x 19mm (including backing panel)

Product code : 38TAHQU42

British Gypsum Gyptone Quattro 41

Gyptone QUATTRO 41 achieves high levels of sound absorption and is classified as a Class C absorber with a 16% perforated area. Part of a range of boards, tiles and plank with square perforations and a special sound absorbent tissue backing, providing a jointless finish that is ready for on-site decoration.