British Gypsum Glasroc X Sheathing Board

Glasroc X is an external sheathing board designed to provide temporary weather protection for a number of external structural frame steel (SFS) constructions where the fa├žade / cladding system is fixed through into the SFS stud.

It has high levels of moisture, fire and weather resistance, combined with a superior dimensional stability which makes it a high performance alternative to cement particle boards. Glasroc X is easy to cut, fix, handle and install, requiring no specialist tools.

Glasroc X provides BBA tested and BBA certified 6 months weather protection.

Product code : 53HX1

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Fixing Glasroc X boards

Fix boards with printed side out to ensure the required weather protection and UV performance. Lightly butt boards together. Never force boards into position.

Glasroc X Screws should be installed flush to the surface of the board. If overtightened, Glasroc X Sealant should be applied to cover the head.