Zentia Perla OP 1.00

Perla OP 1.00 offers the highest level of sound absorption (1.00 aw) combining both acoustics and aesthetics, it features smooth surface lamination. The tiles combine the maximum level of sound absorption with high light reflectance (85%) making them the ideal solution for open space applications.

Compatible with the Zentia Prelude 15 TL/XL2, Prelude 24 XL2/TLS, Prelude 24 SixtyXL2 and the Prelude 24 CR TL+ suspension grid systems.

  • Maximise space brightness with an 85% light reflectance level
  • Made of 20% recycled content, 100% recyclable and Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) certified
  • Can be recycled through the Zentia Ceiling Recycling Programme
  • 30 Year system guarantee

Product code : 56CA27