Zentia Dune eVo (changing to Aruba)

Aruba’s finely sanded surface texture gives this ceiling tile a smooth and attractive finish. Its enhanced acoustical performance makes it ideal for a wide range of suspended ceiling designs.

Aruba is compatible with Zentia’s suspended ceiling grids, combining with the different edge details to create a variety of ceiling finishes and visual effects. These rigid ceiling installations are designed to resist warping and sagging.

Previously known as Dune eVo, Aruba suspended ceiling tiles provide outstanding acoustic performance, combining Class C sound absorption with a sound attenuation level of 34dB. This combination of sound performance means that Aruba helps to control background noise level while still allowing sound to travel. This makes Aruba an ideal choice to create comfortable acoustic environments across a variety of spaces.

  • Rated 95% for relative humidity resistance
  • Aruba tiles contain up to 44% recycled content and are made with a mix of recycled newspapers, starch, and calcite
  • Lifetime product guarantee

Think colour, say Aruba

Aruba is available in 35 exciting colours which can be used to define zoned areas, assist with wayfinding, or simply add creativity to your designs. Choose crisp and classic white, deep black, or neutrals like greys and browns. Or select more playful shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.

See the product datasheet for details of colour options.

As of 21st June 2023 Zentia has renamed this product to Arubayou can find out more on their website. This is just a product renaming there are no material changes taking place to the product. Datasheets reflect the new name but you may receive products with the old name from us as we transition across to new stock. If you have any queries please speak to your local branch.

Product code : 56CA15