Armacell ArmaGel HT

ArmaGel HT is a flexible aerogel blanket suitable for elevated temperature applications with maximum operating temperatures up to 650 °C (1200 °F). ArmaGel HT is compliant to ASTM C1728, Type 3, Grade 1A.

ArmaGel HT insulation is typically used for the Thermal insulation/protection of pipes, vessels and ducts (including elbows, fittings, flanges etc.) in offshore, industrial (typically oil and gas) and process equipment facilities. ArmaGel HT is also used as a component of ArmaSound Industrial Systems to provide acoustic insulation on industrial pipework and vessels, ensuring reduction of sound transmission.

The product is available in standard and jumbo rolls in 5, 10, 15 and 20mm thickness and width of 1.5m.

ArmaGel HT offers and is:

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Hydrophobic and breathable
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light
  • Environmentally safe
  • CUI defence

Product code : 10WAGHT