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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    1 - People and Community - [Click to expand]


    The Encon Group of companies is committed to providing a safe, engaging working environment for all of its people, suppliers and customers.The Employer of Choice

    Our aim to be The Employer of Choice drives us to continually improve our offering to our people and we have invested heavily in training and development, building our own purpose built Training Academy, to help build a sustainable workforce for the future.

    We take our role of working in our customer supply chains seriously, ensuring we share our expertise, time, money, skills and knowledge with communities.

    Our commitment:

    • To open up new routes to employment such as helping youth unemployment
    • To help create a new generation of talent
    • To offer training and development solutions to close skill gaps
    • To support reducing re-offending
    • To up-skill our leaders to understand our CSR agenda and commitments
    • To commit our time, money, skills and knowledge in our local areas
    • To support a sustainable growing economy

    In order to meet these commitments, we will:

    • Actively employee and support apprentices through the Encon Academy as part of our talent strategyThe Encon Academy in Chorley
    • Work with partner agencies to offer training to create a talent pipeline and up-skill unemployed people
    • Utilising Encon Academy to share knowledge and skills with partner suppliers, customer and communities
    • Working as a stakeholder of Employers’ Forum for Reducing Re-offending (EFFRR)
    • Create training and development opportunities for Encon colleagues and engage them to be involved in their local communities
    • Continue our charity work and look at new ways to get our people involved
    • Look at new ways to contribute to our workforce and the economy

    Examples of some of the recent work we have done with communities can be found below:

    01/11/16 - Encon donates to Charities of Choice 

    28/10/16 - Encon helps Ex Offenders Bounce Back

    11/10/16 - Encon supports TICA Apprentice award

    14/07/16 - Encon and Nevill Long support college Interiors Course 



    2 - Health & Safety (ISO 45001:2018 certified) - [Click to expand]

    Health & Safety is the Encon Group’s number one priority.

    Health & Safety is not a separate element of our business, it is central to everything we do. All employees have a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and all persons who attend our business units.

    Our aim is to operate in a safe, injury free and healthy workplace and we will always endeavour to improve safety at all Encon locations and our health & safety performance. 

    We are certified to ISO 45001:2018 through accredited global certification body Lloyd's Register, using an integrated HSEQ management system.


    Our commitment:

    • To provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
    • To ensure resources are made available so that all necessary training is provided.
    • To continually raise the standard of Health & Safety throughout the business.
    • To develop and promote a safety culture throughout the business that recognises the importance and value of effective safety management.
    • To comply with all health & safety legislation relevant to our activities and other requirements to which we subscribe.
    • To make clear to employees their responsibilities and convey to all employees our minimum level of expectation required.


    In order to meet these commitments, we will:

    • Develop, implement, monitor and review health and safety policies and procedures appropriate to our business activities.
    • Identify hazards and risks associated with our activities, assess identified risks, and introduce appropriate control measures.
    • Establish channels of communication which encourage employees to contribute to safety improvements at our sites, in our procedures and our safety performance.
    • Ensure work-related incidents and near misses are reported, investigated and analysed to prevent recurrence.
    • Provide sufficient information, advice, training and supervision to ensure that people under our control are fully aware of their responsibilities and are competent to undertake their activities.

    To read our policy statement please click here and to view our ISO 45001:2018 certificate click here.

    3 - Environment (ISO 14001:2015 certified) - [Click to expand]

    The Encon Group recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements. 

    The name “encon” was originally derived from “energy conservation”, putting the environment at the very heart of what we do.

    We are certified to ISO 14001:2015 through accredited global certification body Lloyd's Register, using an integrated management system with ISO 45001:2018.


    We are committed to:

    • continually improving our environmental performance in all aspects of our operations and activities
    • meeting applicable legal requirements and other obligations and requirements
    • maintaining good relations with all regulatory bodies
    • minimising our impact on the environment and preventing pollution by monitoring and reviewing performance in the following areas:

                1. Air Quality where activities may have an adverse effect)

                2. Waste reduction and recycling

                3. Reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions

                4. Improving the efficiency of the vehicle fleet

                5. Reducing and/or limiting the production of pollutants to water, land and air

                6. Controlling noise emissions from operations

                7. Minimising the risk to the general public and employees from our operations and activities


    We recognise that all employees at every level of the company have a role to play in achieving these improvements. Training will be made available to all employees to help ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and the role they can play in helping the company to achieve the aims and requirements set out in this Policy. 

    Where practical, we will also work with our customers and suppliers to minimise our environmental impact through the supply chain. 

    To read our policy statement please click here and to view our ISO 14001:2015 certificate click here.


    4 - Quality (ISO 9001:2015 certified) - [Click to expand]


    A key objective of the Encon Group is to be a successful business by working in a professional, efficient and quality conscious manner with Customers, Suppliers and Colleagues.

    We strive to satisfy Customers by providing a reliable service and to improve performance by listening to their needs, feedback and comments.

    We recognise the benefits of Quality Assurance Management and are committed to the principles of ISO 9001:2015 to achieve and maintain our business objectives. We are certified through accredited global certification body Lloyd's Register, and in fact were the first distributor to gain ISO 9001 across all its sites.

    We are committed to providing the resources necessary to achieve continual improvement including training, equipment and support. We continuously improve the effectiveness of our systems by setting and reviewing objectives for business processes through management reviews and by ensuring the effectiveness of business processes and by regularly soliciting feedback from colleagues, customers and independent auditors.

    To read our policy statement please click here and to view our ISO 9001:2015 certificate click here.

    Tags: 9001 ISO9001 ISO 9001

    5 - Modern Slavery Policy - [Click to expand]


    As part of the construction sector, Encon Insulation Ltd recognises that it has a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking. The organisation is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in its corporate activities.

    To read our full policy, please click here


    6 - Gender Pay Gap Report - [Click to expand]


    Here you can find copies of our Gender Pay Gap reports in accordance with our legal requirements.

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

    7 - Applicant Privacy Notice - [Click to expand]

    Please find a copy of our Applicant Privacy Notice in accordance with our legal requirements here.

    8 - Encon Group Tax Strategy - [Click to expand]


    Encon Group Tax Strategy for year ending 31st July 2019

    Group Structure

    Liberty2803 Limited and its subsidiaries are referred to as “Encon”, the “Group” or the “Encon Group”.

    The Encon Group comprises 4 trading entities:

    • Encon Insulation Ltd
    • Pre-Formed Components Ltd
    • Gill Insulation Nottinghamshire Ltd
    • Gill Insulation Eastern Ltd

    Our approach to tax

    Encon seeks to meet its tax obligations to file all returns due, to pay all tax legally due, and to make accurate and timely disclosures, whilst adhering to the group’s policies, values and wider business objectives.

    Encon looks to resolve issues with HMRC in an open, constructive and timely manner.

    Tax risks and management of tax risks

    The Head of Finance (& SAO) is responsible for all tax matters. In conjunction with the board, they set and ensure compliance with the tax strategy.

    Encon seeks to minimise tax risk for our stakeholders and manage our tax affairs appropriately.

    Encon’s approach to the management of its tax affairs seeks to comply with all the legal and fiduciary duties of the Group, its directors and employees and to maintain the Group’s corporate reputation with all its stakeholders.

    Our tax processes are carefully and diligently managed by qualified in-house finance professionals to ensure that any identified risks are mitigated, and controls operate effectively. We consult with tax professionals and seek their opinion on the matters where there is ambiguity in terms of tax treatment. This allows us to have confidence that we operate an effective tax control framework, and that our tax filings are both complete and accurate.

    Relationship with HMRC

    Encon is committed to the principles of openness and transparency in its approach to dealing with HMRC. We look to resolve issues with HMRC in a constructive and timely manner. We engage when appropriate with HMRC.

    In the event of a discovery of an error or omission, the Group takes a proactive approach in disclosing to HMRC, implementing remediation as quickly as is reasonably achievable and putting in place measures and controls to prevent reoccurrence.

    This statement is published to comply with the duty set out in Paragraph 16(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.

    Date published: 08/07/2019

    Approved by Stuart Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the Encon Group