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    Sustainability Articles


    Energy Conservation

    Since our inception in 1981, Encon has always had a firm focus on environmental issues, hence the name encon being derived from "energy conservation". In an industry where sustainability is a key factor in product choices and construction methodology, our heightened focus is consistently on continuous improvement in this important area.

    Insulation Products

    Insulation, our core product range, is of course by its very nature focussed on energy efficiency. Insulat...


    Respect for the environment and for the health and safety of its users

    Since 2003 ACTIS has been committed to a strict "Quality, Safety and Environmental" policy which forms the basis of the company's approach towards innovation.

    Examples of environmental actions:

    • Implementation of waste sorting and re-use of packaging between the Group's production sites;
    • Planning production runs in order to avoid the need to keep stopping and restarting machinery thereby reducing energy consumption;
    • 20% red...

    British Gypsum, "As one of the largest manufacturers in the UK, we must always be aware of the impact we have on the wider community. The success of our business is dependent on how we address our social, environmental and economic responsibilities.


    Celotex products have been independently assessed by BRE Global and have been confirmed as achieving a low environmental impact, through its BRE Approved Environmental Profile. In addition, Celotex products have been awarded an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008.   

    To view the Sustainability section of Celotex's websit...


    "When it comes to building homes or commercial buildings that are more energy efficient you can count on DuPont™ Tyvek® and DuPont™ AirGuard® construction products. These innovative building products can have a positive impact on energy efficiency in three key ways: 

    • Reducing air leakage by sealing the building envelope to make the inside of your house airtight
    • Reducing air infiltration through roof or wall cavities
    • Protecting against bulk water intrusion and air-transported moisture" 



    Ecotherm is fundamentally dedicated to minimising energy consumption and crusading for environmental responsibility.

    Visit the Sustainability sectio of their website here, or download thier environmental flyer from the right of this page.


    Essentially, FERMACELL has a very simple homogenous composition:
    80% recycled gypsum and 20% cellulose fibres derived from recycled papers, mixed with recycled water. In other words, it’s a 100% recycled material. There are no additives or preservatives used whatsoever. This is also a fully recyclable process, which means that all by-products are fed back into the production cycle.


    Sustainability matters

    "At Isover we take our environmental responsibility seriously. The very nature of our business is to develop insulation solutions to protect both your built environment and the natural environment."

    That is why they developed their 3 point plan for environmental sustainability.

    • Less Materials
    • Less Energy
    • Less Emissions

    Viist their 3 point plan mini site here, or download their brochure from the right of this page


    Kingspan is committed to reducing the impact of its business operations, products and services on the environment.

    Click here to visit their group website sustainability pages


    "Knauf Drywall recognises that its operations and activities impact on the local and global environment in a number of ways and as such are committed to continually reducing these environmental impacts. Our overall objective is to develop the business having full regard to the environment and taking into account the views of all affected interests."


    Environmental Policy Document & Environmental Flyer both available to download from the right of this page


    Knauf Futurepanel - Knauf Futurepanel is the first Carbon Neutral Plaste...


    Earthwool is the new mineral wool brand from Knauf Insulation, adding the benefits of ECOSE Technology - a revolutionary bio-based binder technology – to create a new kind of mineral wool insulation that is naturally brown. It offers significant improvements in terms of feel, handling and environmental performance, while still delivering the outstanding performance you expect from our traditional mineral wool.

    Earthwool has unified Knauf Insulation's core glass and rock mineral wool range under a single name, replacing the Crown and Ro...


    Knauf Insulation's Sustainability Commitment:

    "To supply sustainable high performance insulation products for enhanced energy efficiency in buildings, we continually strive for improvements in both manufacturing operations and product design.

    The result is a track record for products with leading quality and sustainability benefits. All Knauf Insulation production locations have state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment supported by an ongoing research and development program. Some of our recent achievements include:


    • Use of re...

    Rockpanel Group is part of Rockwool International, a company with sustainability in its nature. The company was heavily involved in the 2011 Copenhagen summit. It was also one of the first companies to invest in environmental management and reporting under ISO 14001. In addition the Group has always invested in recycling facilities and processes at its factories.

    As part of the Rockwool Group, Rockpanel has always embraced the need to act as a sustainable company. Starting from a good place with boards made from a readily available and renewable material, which allows Rockpanel t...


    The sustainable properties of Rockpanel boards are unique.

    They are manufactured from the sustainable raw material basalt through a highly efficient production process. The durability of stone and the workability of wood are combined in Rockpanel products. The panels fit effortlessly into sustainable developments, and in addition accommodate contemporary architectural trends, combined with a strong emphasis on costs and installation time. Usually they are applied in ventilated constructions, where the products contribute to a healthy indoor climate for any housing, production, or...


    Rockwool is an environmentally conscious company with a long track-record of producing, according to independent assessments, one of the most sustainable insulation products available.

    During its long lifetime, a typical Rockwool insulation product saves more than 100 times the energy invested in its manufacture, transport and ultimate disposal. Therefore, Rockwool insulation is one of the most practical, cost-effective and environmentally efficient ways that homeowners and organisations can reduce their energy consumption and improve their carbon footprint.



    "Following major investment in our production processes, our revolutionary new RockVac technology allows us to add significant compression to our light weight products – Cavity, Flexi, RWA45.

    This process is unique to Rockwool’s stonewool products and offers our customers many distinct advantages.

    The addi...


    Sustainability has long been a core value of our activities and we remain committed to sustainable development in our approach to business and to meeting the needs of sustainable construction in the built environment.

    As a leading supplier of construction products we have enormous responsibilities. Building materials meet basic human needs for the homes and buildings that underpin everyday life. Economic growth and social development drive increasing demand. The human benefits our products provide have to be balanced with the availability of finite and non...


    "As part of Superglass’ business philosophy it is recognised that we have a responsibility toward protecting the environment by minimising the impact upon it from our activities."

    At the heart of Superglass's sustainability is the use of recycled green bottles in the manufacturing process of the glass fibre mineral wool. In fact there are approximately 23 recycled glass wine bottles in every roll.