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    Cavity Closers

    Product Type:

      Building Accessories

    Market Sector:


    ARC Cavity Stop Socks (60NC)

    Product Description:

    ARC Cavity Stop Socks and TCBs have been designed to restrict the spread of smoke and flames within external masonry and timber frame walls, and to further minimise the effect of flanking noise pollution at wall junctions. They are produced from low resin, non-combustible rockfibre mineral wool and sleeved in 50 micron polythene for on-site protection.

    • Specified in semi-detached, apartments and major projects
    • Complies to Robust Detail Part E and Building Regulations
    • Available without flanges (CSS) or with flanges (TCB)
    • Can be manufactured to suit cavity widths up to 300mm


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    60NCSS300065 ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x 65mm ( 1) (RED)
    60NCSS120075 ARC-CSS 1.2Mx120x 75mm ( 1)
    60NCSS155120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx155x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS145120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx145x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS140120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx140x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS130120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx130x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS130120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx130x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS110100P ARC CSS 1.2Mx110x100mm (20) (GREEN)
    60NCSS100100 ARC CSS 1.2Mx100x100mm ( 1) (GREEN)
    60NCSS115100P ARC CSS 1.2Mx115x100mm (20) (GREEN)
    60NCSS300085P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x 85mm (10) (RED)
    60NCSS090075 ARC CSS 1.2Mx 90x 75mm ( 1) (RED) LEN.
    60NCSS090075P ARC CSS 1.2Mx 90x 75mm (35) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS100100P ARC CSS 1.2Mx100x100mm (24) (GREEN) PACK
    60NCSS110100 ARC CSS 1.2Mx110x100mm ( 1) (GREEN) LEN.
    60NCSS120100 ARC CSS 1.2Mx120x100mm ( 1) (GREEN)
    60NCSS120100P ARC CSS 1.2Mx120x100mm (20) (GREEN) PACK
    60NCSS120115 ARC CSS 1.2Mx120x115mm ( 1) (GREEN)
    60NCSS120115P ARC CSS 1.2Mx120x115mm (20) (GREEN) PACK
    60NCSS120120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx120x120mm ( 1) (GREEN)
    60NCSS120120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx120x120mm (15) (GREEN) PACK
    60NCSS135120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx135x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS135120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx135x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS140120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx140x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS145120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx145x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS150120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx150x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS150120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx150x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS155120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx155x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS160120 ARC CSS 1.2Mx160x120mm ( 1) (LT.BLUE)
    60NCSS160120P ARC CSS 1.2Mx160x120mm (15) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS175140P ARC CSS 1.2Mx175x150mm (10) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS300065P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x 65mm (12) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300075P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x 75mm (12) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300100 ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x100mm ( 1) (RED) LEN.
    60NCSS300100P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x100mm ( 8) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300115 ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x115mm ( 1) (RED)
    60NCSS300115P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x115mm ( 8) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300120P ARC-CSS 1.2Mx300x120mm ( 8) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300140P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x140mm ( 6) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300150 ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x150mm ( 1) (RED)
    60NCSS300150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x150mm ( 6) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS300165P ARC-CSS 1.2Mx300x165mm ( 4) (BLACK)
    60NCSS300140 ARC CSS 1.2Mx300x140mm ( 1) (RED)
    60NCSS300120 ARC-CSS 1.2Mx300x120mm ( 1) (RED)
    60NCSS065065P ARC CSS 1.2Mx 65x 65mm (40) (RED)
    60NCSS075075P ARC-CSS 1.2Mx 75x 75mm (35) (RED)
    60NCSS165150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx165x150mm (12) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS170150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx170x150mm (12) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS180150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx180x150mm (10) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS185150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx185x150mm ( 9) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS190150 ARC CSS 1.2Mx195x150mm ( 1) (RED)
    60NCSS190150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx190x150mm ( 9) (LT.BLUE) PACK
    60NCSS195150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx195x150mm ( 9) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS200150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx200x150mm ( 9) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS205150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx205x150mm ( 9) (RED) PACK
    60NCSS210150P ARC CSS 1.2Mx210x150mm ( 8) (RED) PACK

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