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    Cavity Closers

    Product Type:

      Building Accessories

    Market Sector:


    ARC Contract-Closer EP (60NC)

    Product Description:

    he ARC Contract-Closer is designed to close off the cavity around window and door reveals without the need for a return block, preventing cold bridging and eliminating moisture, mould and staining from around windows and doors. The 2.4m lengths are manufactured from a rigid PVCu profile that is insulated with extruded polystyrene. The ARC Contract-Closer is manufactured to suit the specific cavity size required and can be made to suit cavities from 50mm up to 300mm.

    • Closes off cavities around window and door reveals
    • Available to suit cavity widths from 50 to 300mm
    • Supplied in 2.4m lengths
    • Prevents cold bridging



    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    60NCC16024CR ARC-CC160CR CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx160mm(1)
    60NCC22024 ARC-CC220 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx220mm(1)
    60NCC18024 ARC CC180 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx180mm(1)
    60NCC12524CR ARC CC125CR CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx125mm(1)
    60NCC20024 ARC CC200 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx200mm(1)
    60NCC05024 ARC CC50 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 50mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC05024P ARC CC50 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 50mm(8) PACK
    60NCC06524 ARC CC65 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 65mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC07521 ARC-CC75 CONTRACT C.C 2.1Mx 75mm(1)
    60NCC07524 ARC CC75 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 75mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC08524 ARC CC85 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 85mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC09024 ARC CC90 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 90mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC09024P ARC CC90 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 90mm(8) PACK
    60NCC10021 ARC-CC100 CONTRACT C.C 2.1Mx100mm(1)
    60NCC10021CR ARC-CC100CR CONTRACT C.C 2.1Mx100mm(1)
    60NCC10024 ARC CC100 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx100mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC10024P ARC CC100 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx100mm(8) PACK
    60NCC11024P ARC CC110 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx110mm(6) PACK
    60NCC12521 ARC-CC125 CONTRACT C.C 2.1Mx125mm(1)
    60NCC12521CR ARC-CC125CR CONTRACT C.C 2.1Mx125mm(1)
    60NCC12524 ARC CC125 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx125mm(1)
    60NCC12524P ARC CC125 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx125mm(6) PACK
    60NCC13524 ARC CC135 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx135mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC15021 ARC-CC150 CONTRACT C.C 2.1Mx150mm(1)
    60NCC15024 ARC CC150 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx150mm(1) LEN.
    60NCC15024P ARC CC150 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx150mm(6) PACK
    60NCC08524P ARC CC85 CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 85mm(8)
    60NCC05024CR ARC CC50CR CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 50mm(1)
    60NCC07524CR ARC CC75CR CONTRACT C.C 2.4Mx 75mm(1)

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