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    Pipework - H&V

    Product Type:


    Market Sector:

      Building, Industrial

    Armacell Tubolit (11T)

    Product Description:

    Tubolit is a high quality CFC and HCFC free, silver grey, flexible closed cell polyethylene pipe insulation.

    Particularly effective for the thermal insulation of domestic heating and plumbing pipe work for energy conservation and frost protection Tubolit, being flexible, is easy to install.

    It is not fibrous and creates no dust during installation or use. Tubolit is, as with all other Armacell insulation products, CFC and HCFC free, each with an ODP of zero and manufactured to quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001:1996.



    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    11T010009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 10x 9mm LEN.
    11T015009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 15x 9mm LEN.
    11T015013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 15x13mm LEN.
    11T015019 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 15x19mm LEN.
    11T015025 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 15x25mm LEN.
    11T022009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 22x 9mm LEN.
    11T022013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 22x13mm LEN.
    11T022019 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 22x19mm LEN.
    11T022025 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 22x25mm LEN.
    11T028009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 28x 9mm LEN.
    11T028013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 28x13mm LEN.
    11T028019 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 28x19mm LEN.
    11T028025 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 28x25mm LEN.
    11T035009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 35x 9mm LEN.
    11T035013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 35x13mm LEN.
    11T035019 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 35x19mm LEN.
    11T035025 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 35x25mm LEN.
    11T042009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 42x 9mm LEN.
    11T042013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 42x13mm LEN.
    11T042019 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 42x19mm LEN.
    11T042025 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 42x25mm LEN.
    11T048009 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 48x 9mm LEN.
    11T048013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 48x13mm LEN.
    11T054013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 54x13mm LEN.
    11T060013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 60x13mm LEN.
    11T076013 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 76x13mm LEN.
    11TC022013 TUBOLIT DG 1Mx 22x13mm LEN.
    11TC022019 TUBOLIT DG 1Mx 22x19mm LEN.
    11TC028019 TUBOLIT DG 1Mx 28x19mm LEN.
    11TC035025 TUBOLIT DG 1Mx 35x25mm LEN.
    11T054030 TUBOLIT DG 2Mx 54x30mm
    11TSP022 TUBOLIT S PLUS 20Mx22x4mm