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    Cladding InsulationRoofing Accessories

    Product Type:

      Building Accessories

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    AAC Waterproofing Preseal Facade Waterproofing Systems (44ZP)

    Product Description:

    The Preseal Façade Waterproofing System is a complete solution for permanent waterproof sealing of penetration points in commercial offices, high rise concrete buildings and structures. 

    Preseal’s specially developed waterproof adhesive is applied directly to the substrate and the membrane is applied to the adhesive. The flexible nature of the application allows it to be applied to timber, brick, stone, glass, concrete, aluminium and even damp conditions,

    Alternative applications can be used to effectively pressure seal buildings. A watertight, lifelong seal is achieved within 24 hours of the

    Features & Benefits

    Preseal adhesive is 100% MS Polymer environmentally friendly.
    • 100% adhesive to damp surfaces.
    • No need to prime or glue substances.
    • Fast and efficient installation.
    • A weatherproof system with resistance to ultra violet, chemical pollution and atmosperic changes and a life expectancy greater than 50 years.
    • Extreme temperature resistance is ‘built-in’ and system integrity is held under the most extreme conditions: -40°C and +150°C.
    • The system is able to withstand extreme pressure and is puncture resistant.
    • Resists fungi, rodents, bacteria and biological degredation. 

    • The system is flexible and can return from structural and thermal movement of up to 400%, back to its original shape without being compromised.
    • The materials contain no plasticiser so will not shrink or crack and is fully recyclable.
    • An environmentally friendly system, Preseal does not contain HCFCs, CFCs, dioxins, Pthalates or any other harmful chemicals.
    • The Preseal systemis totally resistant to moisture and water absorption.
    • The system conforms to all major building regulations and will contribute to an airtight seal on a building.
    • Preseal adhesive is a superior product which is flexible and water resistant.


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