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    Cladding Insulation

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Glass

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    Superglass Cladding Mat 32, 35, 37 & 40 (16D)

    Product Description:


    Superglass Cladding Mat is a resilient, lightweight and non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation roll with exceptional durability and high tear strength. The roll is supplied 1200mm wide to allow quick installation and minimum on-site cutting and waste.

    Thickness – 60mm – 240mm

    Width – 1200mm


    Superglass Cladding Mat is designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in the walls and roofs of profiled metal clad buildings and portable buildings.

    Thermal Performance

    Cladding Mat 32 – 0.032W/mK

    Cladding Mat 35 – 0.035W/mK

    Cladding Mat 37 – 0.037W/mK

    Cladding Mat 40 – 0.040W/mK

    Fire Performance

    Classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1.

    Recycled Content

    Manufactured from up to 84% recycled glass bottles which would otherwise go to landfill.

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    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    16D0351200080 SG CLAD MAT 035 7.80Mx1200x 80mm(5097) PACK
    16D0351200090 SG CLAD MAT 035 5.00Mx1200x 90mm(5094) PACK
    16D0351200100 SG CLAD MAT 035 6.30Mx1200x100mm(5098) PACK
    16D0371200100 SG CLAD MAT 037 7.80Mx1200x100mm(3624) PACK
    16D0371200120 SG CLAD MAT 037 6.55Mx1200x120mm(3625) PACK
    16D0371200140 SG CLAD MAT 037 5.60Mx1200x140mm(3626) PACK
    16D0401200080 SG CLAD MAT 040 12.10Mx1200x 80mm(3578)
    16D0401200090 SG CLAD MAT 040 10.65Mx1200x 90mm(3577)
    16D0401200100 SG CLAD MAT 040 9.95Mx1200x100mm(3576)
    16D0401200120 SG CLAD MAT 040 8.05Mx1200x120mm(3575)
    16D0401200140 SG CLAD MAT 040 7.00Mx1200x140mm(3574)
    16D0401200160 SG CLAD MAT 040 6.05Mx1200x160mm(3573)
    16D0401200180 SG CLAD MAT 040 5.45Mx1200x180mm(3572)
    16D0401200200 SG CLAD MAT 040 4.60Mx1200x200mm(3571)
    16D0401200220 SG CLAD MAT 040 3.20Mx1200x220mm(3020) PACK
    16D0401200240 SG CLAD MAT 040 3.00Mx1200x240mm(3021) PACK
    16D0441200090 SG-CLAD MAT 044 12.00Mx1200x 90mm(5090) PACK
    16D0400400090 SG-CLAD MAT 040 9.35Mx3/400x90mm(3092)
    16D0351200200 SG CLAD MAT 035 3.00Mx1200x200mm(3592) PACK
    16D0321200050 SG CLAD MAT 032 6.60Mx1200x 50mm(3552)
    16D0401200150 SG CLAD MAT 040 6.00Mx1200x150mm(3511) PACK
    16D0371200220 SG CLAD MAT 037 3.25Mx1200x220mm(3668)
    16D0321200100 SG CLAD MAT 032 3.90Mx1200x100mm(3549) PACK
    16D0351200180 SG CLAD MAT 035 3.30Mx1200x180mm(3548)
    16D0401200060X SG-CLAD MAT 040 14.00Mx1200x 60mm(3060) PACK
    16D0351200170 SG CLAD MAT 035 3.90Mx1200x170mm(3593)
    16D0371200160 SG CLAD MAT 037 4.90Mx1200x160mm(3627) PACK
    16D0320600100 SG-CLAD MAT 032 3.90Mx2/600x100mm(3553)
    16D0321200130 SG CLAD MAT 032 3.00Mx1200x130mm(3556)
    16D0321200075 SG CLAD MAT 032 4.40Mx1200x 75mm(3550) PACK
    16D0350600200 SG-CLAD MAT 035 3.00Mx2/600x200mm(3590) PACK
    16D0371200200 SG CLAD MAT 037 3.50Mx1200x200mm(3629) PACK