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    Fire ProtectionSoffit Liners

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Rock

    Market Sector:


    Rockwool Soffit Slab (36E,F)

    Product Description:

    ROCKWOOL® Soffit Slab provides cost effective fire resistance and thermal insulation through concrete soffits, including in car parks. The product consists of a rigid ROCKWOOL® insulation board in various thicknesses. It is also available with black or white tissue foil facing or a non-combustible high impact 6mm Promat PROMATECT® HD board. The fire resistance, insulation and integrity of the product has been tested on a concrete soffit.


    • Excellent thermal performance
    • Excellent acoustic absorption
    • Non-combustible (Euroclass A1)
    • Cost effective and easy to install
    • Water repellent
    • Easily cut to accommodate services
    • Simply butt together at joints

    ROCKWOOL® Soffit Slab achieves excellent thermal and acoustic performance and provides fire resistance in concrete soffits.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    36ESSA1006100 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x100mm (48) PLAIN
    36ESSA1006130S RW-SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x130mm ( 1) PLAIN
    36ESSK1006160 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x160mm (32) BTF PALLET
    36ESSK1006145 RW-SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x145mm (32) BTF PALLET
    36ESSM1006130 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x130mm (36) WTF PALLET
    36ESSK1006130 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x130mm (36) BTF PALLET
    36ESSH1006160 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x160mm (32) H&V PALLET
    36ESSH1006145 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x145mm (32) H&V PALLET
    36ESSH1006130 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x130mm (36) H&V PALLET
    36ESSA1006160 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x160mm (32) PLAIN PALLET
    36ESSA1006130 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x130mm (36) PLAIN PALLET
    36ESSA1006070 RW SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x 70mm (72) PLAIN
    36ESSH1006180 RW-SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x180mm (24) H&V PALLET
    36ESSA1006180 RW-SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x180mm (24) PLAIN PALLET
    36ESSA1006210 RW-SOFFIT SLAB 1000x600x210mm (16) PLAIN
    36FH1206136 RW HI-IMP SOFFIT SLAB 1200x600x136mm(32) PALLET
    36FH1206166 RW HI-IMP SOFFIT SLAB 1200x600x166mm(24) PALLET