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    FixingsPipework - Process

    Product Type:

      Industrial Ancillaries

    Market Sector:


    Aluminium Bands - Process (41C)

    Product Description:

    To strap round process pipework to secure metal cladding or insulation


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    41CS304BL1905R SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.5mm c/weight ROUND
    41CS304BL19052BD SS BAND 304-2B 19mm 0.5mm c/weight DEBUR
    41CS304BL1905 SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CS304BL1208 SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.8mm c/weight
    41CS304BL1205R SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.5mm c/weight ROUND
    41CS304BL1205 SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CGBL1905 GALV BANDING 19mm 0.5mm (Kg) KG
    41CAS1908H ALUMINIUM SEALS 19mm 0.8mm (100) BOX
    41CAS1208H ALUMINIUM SEALS 13mm 0.8mm (100) BOX
    41CABL1905 ALUMINIUM BANDING 19mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CABL1205 ALUMINIUM BANDING 13mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CABC190320 ALUMINIUM BANDING 19mm 0.3mm (2Kg) COIL
    41CS316S1908 SS SEAL 316 19mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS316S1208 SS SEAL 316 13mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS316BL1905 SS BAND 316-BA 19mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CS316BL1205 SS BAND 316-BA 13mm 0.5mm c/weight KG
    41CS304S4009EA SS SEAL 304 40mm 0.9mm (EA) EACH
    41CS304S2508 SS SEAL 304 25mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS304S1910LS SS SEAL 304 19mm 1.0mm (1000) LONG SLOT
    41CS304S1908LS SS SEAL 304 19mm 0.8mm (1000) LONG SLOT BOX
    41CS304S1908H SS-SEAL 304 19mm 0.8mm ( 100) PACK
    41CS304S1908 SS SEAL 304 19mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS304S1208LS SS SEAL 304 13mm 0.8mm (1000) LONG SLOT
    41CS304S1208 SS SEAL 304 13mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS304BL5005 SS BAND 304-BA 50mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CS304BL40102B SS BAND 304-2B 40mm 1.0mm c/weight KG.
    41CS304BL1908 SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.8mm c/weight
    41CS304S5009EA SS SEAL 304 50mm 0.9mm (EA) EACH
    41CS316BL1906 SS BAND 316-BA 19mm 0.6mm c/weight
    41CABC130320 ALUMINIUM BANDING 13mm 0.3mm (2Kg)
    41CS304S1208H SS-SEAL 304 13mm 0.8mm ( 100) PACK
    41CZS30419056018 SS BAND 304 19mm (PE COATED RAL 6018)
    41CS304BL12052BD SS BAND 304-2B 13mm 0.5mm c/weight DEBUR
    41CS304BL1904 SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.4mm c/weight
    41CS304BL1204 SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.4mm c/weight

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