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    FixingsPipework - Process

    Product Type:

      Industrial Ancillaries

    Market Sector:


    Aluminium Bands - Process (41C)

    Product Description:

    To strap round process pipework to secure metal cladding or insulation


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    41CS304BL1905R SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.5mm c/weight ROUND
    41CS304BL19052BD SS BAND 304-2B 19mm 0.5mm c/weight DEBUR
    41CS304BL1905 SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CS304BL1208 SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.8mm c/weight
    41CS304BL1205R SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.5mm c/weight ROUND
    41CS304BL1205 SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CGBL1905 GALV BANDING 19mm 0.5mm (Kg) KG
    41CAS1908H ALUMINIUM SEALS 19mm 0.8mm (100) BOX
    41CAS1208H ALUMINIUM SEALS 13mm 0.8mm (100) BOX
    41CABL1905 ALUMINIUM BANDING 19mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CABL1205 ALUMINIUM BANDING 13mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CABC190320 ALUMINIUM BANDING 19mm 0.3mm (2Kg) COIL
    41CS316S1908 SS SEAL 316 19mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS316S1208 SS SEAL 316 13mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS316BL1905 SS BAND 316-BA 19mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CS316BL1205 SS BAND 316-BA 13mm 0.5mm c/weight KG
    41CS304S4009EA SS SEAL 304 40mm 0.9mm (EA) EACH
    41CS304S1910LS SS SEAL 304 19mm 1.0mm (1000) LONG SLOT
    41CS304S1908H SS SEAL 304 19mm 0.8mm ( 100) PACK
    41CS304S1908 SS SEAL 304 19mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS304S1208 SS SEAL 304 13mm 0.8mm (1000) BOX
    41CS304BL5005 SS BAND 304-BA 50mm 0.5mm c/weight KG.
    41CS304BL40102B SS BAND 304-2B 40mm 1.0mm c/weight KG.
    41CS304BL1908 SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.8mm c/weight
    41CS304S5009EA SS SEAL 304 50mm 0.9mm (EA) EACH
    41CS316BL1906 SS BAND 316-BA 19mm 0.6mm c/weight
    41CABC130320 ALUMINIUM BANDING 13mm 0.3mm (2Kg)
    41CS304S1208H SS SEAL 304 13mm 0.8mm ( 100) PACK
    41CS304BL12052BD SS BAND 304-2B 13mm 0.5mm c/weight DEBUR
    41CS304BL1904 SS BAND 304-BA 19mm 0.4mm c/weight
    41CS304BL1204 SS BAND 304-BA 13mm 0.4mm c/weight

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