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    Product Type:

      Industrial Ancillaries

    Market Sector:


    Wire Netting (41K)

    Product Description:

    To secure insulation to plant and machinery


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    41KGV20122550 WIRE NET 20g GALV 50Mx1200x25mm (PG)
    41KGV22091310 WIRE NET 22g GALV 10Mx 900x13mm (PG)
    41KGV20062550 WIRE NET 20g GALV 50Mx 600x25mm (PG)
    41KSS22102550 WIRE NET 22g S/STEEL 50Mx1000x25mm ROLL
    41KSS22092550 WIRE NET 22g S/STEEL 50Mx 900x25mm ROLL
    41KGV22092550 WIRE NET 22g GALV 50Mx 900x25mm (PG) ROLL
    41KGV22091350 WIRE NET 22g GALV 50Mx 900x13mm (PG) ROLL
    41KGV20095050 WIRE NET 20g GALV 50Mx 900x50mm (PG) ROLL
    41KGV20092550 WIRE NET 20g GALV 50Mx 900x25mm (PG) ROLL
    41KGV19125050 WIRE NET 19g GALV 50Mx1200x50mm (PG) ROLL
    41KGV19095050 WIRE NET 19g GALV 50Mx 900x50mm (PG) ROLL
    41KGV22121350 WIRE NET 22g GALV 50Mx1200x13mm (PG)
    41KGV20102550GD WIRE NET 20g GALV 50Mx1000x25mm GREENPVC

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