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    Pipework - H&V

    Product Type:

      Coverings - Ind & H&V, Phenolic

    Market Sector:


    IBSL Ventureclad 1577 Covered Phenolic Pipe Section (30V)

    Product Description:

    Phenolic pipe section covered with Ventureclad 1577

    The VentureClad factory applied weatherproofing system has been developed by the IBSL Group and Venture Tape Europe with quality and cost saving as the driving force.

    The insulation arrives on site pre-covered resulting in reduced installation times eliminating waste and job-site contamination. This system greatly reduces costs during the application and installation of fabricated insulation materials.

    VentureClad is a zero perm durable multi layer laminated product.  A taped system that requires no screws, rivets or sealants, making inspection and repair quick and easy.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    30V015030 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 15x 30mm BCO
    30V015025 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 15x 25mm BCO
    30V015020 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 15x 20mm BCO
    30V015015 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 15x 15mm BCO
    30V042025 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 42x 25mm BCO
    30V042020 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 42x 20mm BCO
    30V042015 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx 42x 15mm BCO
    30V035025 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx34/35x25mm BCO
    30V035020 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx34/35x20mm BCO
    30V035015 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx34/35x15mm BCO
    30V028025 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx27/28x25mm BCO
    30V028020 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx27/28x20mm BCO
    30V028015 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx27/28x15mm BCO
    30V022025 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx21/22x25mm BCO
    30V022020 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx21/22x20mm BCO
    30V022015 SUPAPHEN 40Kg SECT.1Mx21/22x15mm BCO

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