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    DuctingPipework - H&VPipework - ProcessVessels, Tanks, Chimneys etc

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Glass, Mineral Fibre - Rock

    Market Sector:


    U-Spec Lamella (04C)

    Product Description:

    U-Spec Lamella is a resilient and flexible mattress consisting of strips of mineral fibre (rock or glass) bonded to a flexible facing material and supplied in roll form. The strips are assembled at right angles to the original plane of manufacture in order to increase resistance to compression.
    U-spec Lamella is available in rolls with a nominal width of 1200mm.
    Typical Uses
    U-Spec Lamella is suitable for a wide range of applications in both the heavy and light industrial sectors and the heating, ventilating and air conditioning fields. The choice of rockfibre ( Types 45, 39, 33) or glassfibre-based Lamella (Types 32,24) is governed by the maximum operating temperatures expected. Typical uses are the insulation of large or non-standard pipework, trace heated pipework, vessels, air distribution ductwork (round, oval, square or rectangular cross-section), the insulation of pipe 'clusters' or where existing insulation needs to be upgraded by the application of an additional layer


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    04C45025 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 10.00Mx1.2x 25H&V ROLL
    04C45030 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 8.15Mx1.2x 30H&V ROLL
    04C45040 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 6.00Mx1.2x 40H&V ROLL
    04C45050 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 5.00Mx1.2x 50H&V ROLL
    04C45060 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 4.00Mx1.2x 60H&V ROLL
    04C45080 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 3.00Mx1.2x 80H&V ROLL
    04C45100 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 2.50Mx1.2x100H&V ROLL
    04C45075 USPEC LAMELLA MAT 45Kg 3.00Mx1.2x 75H&V