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    Ceiling LiningWall Lining - Internal & Partitions

    Product Type:

      Plasterboard - Standard

    Market Sector:

      Building, Nevill Long

    Siniat GTEC Standard Board (Wallboard) (53AW)

    Product Description:

    GTEC Standard Board has one decorative ivory face with either tapered edge or square edge profile and a grey faced back liner, and is suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings

    General purpose board

    Composition: Aerated calcium sulphate di-hydrate enclosed inside a tough paper with bound edges. Core and papers bonded with starch and PVA edge glue.

    Reaction to fire: Euroclass A2-s1, d0 (acc. BS EN 13501)

    Finishing: GTEC Standard Board can be jointed and finished with GTEC Jointing Systems. The boards require priming with GTEC Universal Sealer prior to decorating.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    53AWS0953000 GTEC STANDARD 3000x1200x 9.5mmSE
    53AWS0952700 GTEC STANDARD 2700x1200x 9.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS095180009 GTEC STANDARD 1800x 900x 9.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS0952400 GTEC STANDARD 2400x1200x 9.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS125180009 GTEC STANDARD 1800x 900x12.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS1252400 GTEC STANDARD 2400x1200x12.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS125240009 GTEC STANDARD 2400x 900x12.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS1252700 GTEC STANDARD 2700x1200x12.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS1253000 GTEC STANDARD 3000x1200x12.5mmSE BOARD
    53AWS152400 GTEC STANDARD 2400x1200x15.0mmSE BOARD
    53AWT095180009 GTEC STANDARD 1800x 900x 9.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT0952400 GTEC STANDARD 2400x1200x 9.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT095240009 GTEC STANDARD 2400x 900x 9.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT0952700 GTEC STANDARD 2700x1200x 9.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT125180009 GTEC STANDARD 1800x 900x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT1252400 GTEC STANDARD 2400x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT125240009 GTEC STANDARD 2400x 900x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT1252500 GTEC STANDARD 2500x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT1252700 GTEC STANDARD 2700x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT1253000 GTEC STANDARD 3000x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AWT15180009 GTEC STANDARD 1800x 900x15.0mmTE BOARD
    53AWT152400 GTEC STANDARD 2400x1200x15.0mmTE BOARD
    53AWT15240009 GTEC STANDARD 2400x 900x15.0mmTE BOARD
    53AWT152700 GTEC STANDARD 2700x1200x15.0mmTE BOARD
    53AWT153000 GTEC STANDARD 3000x1200x15.0mmTE BOARD

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