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    Floor Insulation - Ground

    Product Type:

      Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

    Market Sector:


    Ravatherm UK Insulation Polyfoam Floorboard (26T-V)

    Product Description:



    The thermal conductivity of the Polyfoam Floorboard range is 0.033 to 0.036W/mK


    Polyfoam Floorboards are available in three grades - Standard, Extra and Super. Polyfoam Floorboards are rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5 and Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). They are square edged boards that have high compressive strength.


    • High compressive strength - protects the damp proof membrane from damage
    • Highly resistant to water absorption
    • Robust and can tolerate traffic from following trades


    Polyfoam Floorboards are suitable for almost any floor construction including:

    • Below a concrete slab
    • Below a screed
    • Below chipboard




    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    26T050 P'FOAM F'BOARD SUPER 1250x600x 50mm (8) PACK
    26T060 P'FOAM F'BOARD SUPER 1250x600x 60mm (7) PACK
    26T080 P'FOAM F'BOARD SUPER 1250x600x 80mm (5) PACK
    26T100 P'FOAM F'BOARD SUPER 1250x600x100mm (4) PACK
    26UE12100 P'FOAM F'BRD STD 1250x600x100mm LJ BOARD
    26UE25025 P'FOAM F'BRD STD 2500x600x 25mm SE BOARD
    26UE25035 P'FOAM F'BRD STD 2500x600x 35mm SE BOARD
    26UE25050 P'FOAM F'BRD STD 2500x600x 50mm SE BOARD
    26UE25065 P'FOAM F'BRD STD 2500x600x 65mm SE BOARD
    26UE25075 P'FOAM F'BRD STD 2500x600x 75mm SE BOARD
    26VE25025 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 2500x600x 25mm SE BOARD
    26VE25035 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 2500x600x 35mm SE BOARD
    26VE25050 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 2500x600x 50mm SE BOARD
    26VE25065 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 2500x600x 65mm SE BOARD
    26VE25075 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 2500x600x 75mm SE BOARD
    26VE12100 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 1250x600x100mm LJ
    26VE25060 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 2500x600x 60mm SE
    26VE12150 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 1250x600x150mm LJ
    26VE12125 P'FOAM F'BRD EXTRA 1250x600x125mm LJ