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    Steel FrameTimber FrameWall Insulation - External

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    Kingspan Thermawall TW55 (26D)

    Product Description:


    •  High performance rigid urethane insulation – thermal conductivity 0.023 W/m.K
    •  Can be used between studs or as an insulating sheathing
    •  Suitable for use with timber frame and steel frame wall constructions
    •  Can eliminate cold bridging
    •  Unaffected by air movement
    •  Resistant to the passage of water vapour
    •  Easy to handle and install
    •  Ideal for new build or refurbishment
    •  Non–deleterious material
    •  CFC/HCFC–free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

    Click here to view Kingspan Insulation's download page.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    26DS12000150025 K'SPAN-TW55/TF70/TP10 1200x 150x 25
    26D165 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x165mm
    26D020 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 20mm BOARD
    26D025 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 25mm BOARD
    26D030 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 30mm BOARD
    26D040 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 40mm BOARD
    26D050 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 50mm BOARD
    26D060 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 60mm BOARD
    26D070 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 70mm BOARD
    26D075 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 75mm BOARD
    26D080 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 80mm BOARD
    26D090 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 90mm BOARD
    26D100 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x100mm BOARD
    26D105 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x105mm BOARD
    26D110 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x110mm BOARD
    26D115 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x115mm BOARD
    26D120 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x120mm BOARD
    26D125 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x125mm BOARD
    26D140 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x140mm BOARD
    26D150 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x150mm BOARD
    26DS23951195020 K'SPAN-TW55/TF70/TP10 2395x1195x 20 KIT BOARD
    26DS24001200040 K'SPAN-TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x 40 KIT
    26D130 K'SPAN TW55/TF70/TP10 2400x1200x130mm
    26DS22761200080 K'SPAN-TW55/TF70/TP10 2276x1200x 80mm

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