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    Cladding Insulation

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    ULVA Systems

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    ULVA Insulation Systems Limited is a specialist company focussed on countering Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors.

    ULVA offers flexible and rigid non-metallic cladding systems for hot, cold and cryogenic applications for thermal and acoustic insulation systems and personnel protection. The systems operate by weatherproofing insulation to prevent the ingress of moisture thereby removing one of the constituents necessary for corrosion.

    ULVA offer a variety of solutions which can be made bespoke to suit your individual project specifications.


    ULVAShield system

    ULVAShield II is a flexible polymeric cladding/jacketing system which has been in use since 1997. The system is manufactured from chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSPE) which is a high performance polymer with superb attributes in terms of resistance to UV, weathering, salt spray, chemicals and ozone. This substantially differentiates ULVAShield’s performance in comparison to other flexible jacketing systems manufactured from lower performing polymers.

    The system is safe to work with, reducing the incidence of cuts to hands. It is also fast to apply with a range of over 2000 pre-formed bends, elbows, tee-pieces and end-caps etc., and requires no work-shop pre fabrication.

    The longevity of the system has been characterised by both third party independent testing and the passage of time in field applications. The system offers a life in excess of 25 years in the harshest environments.



    Utilising its 20 year experience with non-metallic cladding systems to counter CUI, ULVA has developed a complementary rigid non-metallic cladding system for launch in November 2014.

    ULVA GRP is a UV curable GRP system designed to meet and exceed all current specifications for the oil, gas and petrochemical sector. The UV curable sheet is available in rolls 1040mm wide by 10m long and in all thicknesses to meet specific customer demands, most commonly 1,5mm and 2.0mm nominal thickness.

    Although available in wet sheet form the majority of the system will be supplied pre-cured in the ULVAClad range with wet sheet applied only to form specific sealing detail around penetrations. The system is fully tested, certified and type approved.



    ULVA has developed and certified a range of acoustic systems which includes the thinnest and lightest class “C” system in the world at only 37mm tested in accordance with ISO 15665. The ULVASound-FEF system is directly interchangeable with Armacell’s Armasound® system. The ULVASound system is completed with a range of removable acoustic jackets for valves, flanges and equipment.

    All systems are independently tested and certified.