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    Product Type:

      Membranes & Papers

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    DuPont Tyvek AirGuard Control (44RS)

    Product Description:

    Internal Air Leakage Barrier/ Vapour Control Layer for roofs, walls and floors.

    Installing Tyvek® AirGuard Control as part of the internal lining will help to reduce the rate of heat lost by convection through the building fabric. A continuous layer of Tyvek® Airgaurd Control will provide a barrier to air movement around the habitable space of the building.

    Tyvek® AirGuard Control has been specifically developed for use as an air leakage barrier, but will also contribute in controlling the passage of vapour through a structure. This will particularly apply to ‘vapour open’ constructions where a vapour open membrane is specified externally.

    Combined with a diffusion open Tyvek® membrane on the cold side of a timber frame construction a Tyvek® AirGuard Control on the warm side is essential to avoid condensation risk.