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    Pitched Roofs - Rafter levelWall Insulation - External

    Product Type:


    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    Actis Hybris (44T)

    Product Description:

    • HYBRIS is a reflective insulation product based on a special structure.
    • From 45mm to 300mm thick
    • A large number of low emissivity internal cavities results in a very high thermal performance
    • Low emissivity external films provide additional thermal resistance
    • LABC Registered Details RD462
    • Can be used on homes covered by NHBC Warranty when used in accordance with certification


    A new reflective insulation material for roofs, walls & ceilings

    Technical characteristics

    • Z-value > 550 MNs/g
    • Core R value: from 0.9 to 9.05
    • R value with 2 aird voids tested to EN 16012: from 2.15 to 10.60
    • Emissivity = 0.05 / 0.10
    • Airtight
    • Watertight

    Additional benefit

    • A core effective thermal conductivity (~t, according to EN 12667 Annex A) as low as 0,032 W/m.K HYBRIS provides a thermal resistance as high as R=9.40 m2.K/W.
    • Benefits from the additional resistance values of the air gaps facing the highly reflective external films.




    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    44THBR150 ACTIS-HYBRIS 3.2Mx1200x150mm
    44THBR135 ACTIS-HYBRIS 3.4Mx1200x135mm
    44THBR120 ACTIS-HYBRIS 3.6Mx1200x120mm
    44THBR105 ACTIS-HYBRIS 4.3Mx1200x105mm
    44THBR090 ACTIS-HYBRIS 4.9Mx1200x 90mm
    44THBR060X ACTIS-HYBRIS 4.78x1200x 60mm
    44THBP155 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x155mm (2)
    44THBP205 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x205mm (2)
    44THBP185 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x185mm (2)
    44THBP170 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x170mm (2)
    44THBP140 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x140mm (2)
    44THBP125 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x125mm (2)
    44THBP105 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x105mm (4)
    44THBP090 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x 90mm (4)
    44THBP075 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x 75mm (4)
    44THBP050 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x 50mm (4)
    44THBP060 ACTIS HYBRIS 1200x1145x 60mm (6)