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    Cavity Closers

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      Building Accessories

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    PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closer (35P)

    Product Description:

    PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closer is used to close off masonry wall cavities, providing a robust acoustic, fire and thermal seal. Tested in accordance with BS 476:Part 20:1987, PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closers provide up to 4 hours fire protection.

    C144 AFT Party Wall Closers reduce cold bridging in cavities around windows and doors, accommodate movement in the building and take up small tolerances within the brick / block cavity. They also make a significant contribution to the thermal insulation of properties helping reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

    • Complies with Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003)
    • Complies with Building Regulations Approved Document L
    • Polythene DPC conforms to BS 6515 (1984)
    • Simple installation

    Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    Minimum Depth of C144 AFT Party Wall Closer

    1 Hour


    2 Hours


    4 Hours



    PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closers have been acoustically assessed in a number of cavity sizes. Please consult our technical sales office for further details.

    Thermal Performance
    The thermal conductivity of C144 mineral wool is 0.035 W/Mk

    PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closers are produced from a high density mineral wool bonded to a Polythene DPC. The product is supplied in 1 metre lengths and is manufactured to suit the cavity to be filled. The DPC layer is oversized in its width and length compared to the mineral wool section to provide an essential overlap zone.

    PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closers can easily be fitted as the brick and block work is installed. The closer must be fitted with the DPC against the inner face of the outer leaf of the cavity wall. Adjacent lengths of material must have the mineral wool joints tightly abutted, ensuring that the DPC is fully lapped by 100mm at its base. The top of vertical C144 AFT Party Wall Closers should be sealed by a cavity tray or to the underside of the lintel party walls, reducing room-to-room noise transfer.

    1 metre lengths of C144 Firestop Strip are bonded to 1100mm long x 150mm wide (1-2 hours) or 250mm wide (4 hours) Polythene DPC. The C144 Firestop Strip thickness is oversized by 5mm to be fitted into the cavity under compression. The depth of the seal is dependant on the fire rating required (see fire rating). Standard cavity widths include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. Non standard sizes on request.

    Install PFC Corofil C144 AFT Party Wall Closers in all masonry wall cavities to provide 1, 2 and 4 hour fire rated seals.

    When ordering this product you will need the following information:

    • Size of cavity
    • Fire rating
    • Quantity required (in linear meters)


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