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    Cladding BoardWall Lining - External

    Product Type:

      Building, Cladding & Fire Protection Boards

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    ROCKPANEL Lines² (70SL)

    Product Description:

    ROCKPANEL Lines² are panels with a tongue and groove edge suitable for horizontal application in ventilated constructions. The innovative products are a durable and low maintenance alternative to wooden or plastic tongue-and-groove products. Lines² panels are available in a small S and an extra wide XL version, which can be installed mechanically with a hidden fixing.

    The products are suitable for renovation as well as new construction and can be used in residential and non-residential building in various areas of construction. ROCKPANEL Lines² is only used in ventilated constructions.

    ROCKPANEL Lines² is used as facade cladding in ventilated constructions. In this type of facade, the outer facade is constructed as a cavity wall with an inner and outer layer, so that a ventilated space is created between facade cladding and construction. ROCKPANEL Lines² is suitable for horizontal application.

    ROCKPANEL LinesColour Range:

    ROCKPANEL Lines2 Colour Range

    Dimensions and tolerances of ROCKPANEL Lines²:

      Lines² S 10 Lines² XL 10 Lines² S 8 Lines² XL 8
    Panel thickness (mm) 10 10 8 8
    Panel width (mm) 164 295 164 295
    Working width (mm) 146 277    
    Fixed     151 282
    Demountable     156 287
    Panel length (mm) 3050
    Thickness tolerance (mm) +0,5 / -0,5
    Width tolerance (mm) +0,5 / -0,5
    Length tolerance (mm) +2 / -2

    Advantages of Rockpanel Lines²

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Available in RAL/NCS colours
    • Fire safe
    • Lightweight
    • Insensitive to moisture


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    70SL2XL107016 R'PANEL LINES2 XL 3050x295x10mm ANTH.GRE
    70SL2S081015 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x 8mm LT IVORY LEN.
    70SL2S087004 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x 8mm SIG GREY
    70SL2S087016 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x 8mm ANTH GREY LEN.
    70SL2S089001 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x 8mm CREAM LEN.
    70SL2S101015 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x10mm LT IVORY
    70SL2S107004 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x10mm SIG GREY
    70SL2S107016 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x10mm ANTH GREY LEN.
    70SL2S109001 R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x10mm CREAM
    70SL2S10NAT R'PANEL LINES2 S 3050x164x10mm NATURAL LEN.
    70SL2XL087004 R'PANEL LINES2 XL 3050x295x 8mm SIG GREY
    70SL2XL087016 R'PANEL LINES2 XL 3050x295x 8mm ANTH.GRE
    70SL2XL089010 R'PANEL LINES2 XL 3050x295x 8mm WHITE
    70SL2XL107004 R'PANEL LINES2 XL 3050x295x10mm SIG GREY
    70SL2XL10NAT R'PANEL LINES2 XL 3050x295x10mm NATURAL LEN.