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    Want to know more about the advantages of ROCKPANEL board material?

    19th June 2012

    ROCKPANEL® is low maintenance board material for exterior cladding produced from the sustainable resource, basalt. Combining the durability of stone and the workability of wood the boards are easy to work, durable and attractive, which is why they say: ROCKPANEL; It is possible!

    Installing ROCKPANEL with nails? It is possible!

    With Rockpanel you can install the boards with nails on the building site. The small nail heads in a compatible RAL colour ensure a beautiful end result.

    Working ROCKPANEL with standard tools? It is possible!

    Rockpanel can be worked using standard tools. It is easier and much faster to work than other board materials. Easy to saw, to size and install without pre-drilling again avoiding risks and costly site delays.

    ROCKPANEL insensitive to moisture? It is possible!

    Edge treatment to protect the edges from moisture is needed with many other board materials or laminates. Rockpanel is insensitive to moisture and temperature so does not require edge treatment.

    Even more advantages: It is possible!

    If you would like to receive quarterly e-mails on how to use ROCKPANEL, that’s possible too!

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