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    MPFinish Plaster, Deco Readymix Plaster, Deco Plus Readymix Plaster, Universal Plaster, Airless Readymix Plaster, Patchwall 45 Plaster 4
    Knauf Plaster Accessories, Plano Readymix Plaster, Easy Plaster +4%
    Knauf MP75 Projection Plaster 9%
    Knauf Standard Boards
    Wallboard 1200mm +3.6%
    Wallboard 900mm, Baseboard  +4%
    Knauf High Performance Boards
    Vapour Panel, Soundshield Plus, Moisture Panel, Performance Plus 3, Sound Panel, Fire Panel,  Core Board, Impact Panel, Safe Board +3.6%
    Knauf Insulating Laminates
    Thermal Laminate, XPS Laminate Plus, Thermal Laminate Vapour Check, PIR Laminate +3.6%
    Knauf Drywall Accessories
    Knauf Jointing Products
    Jointing Compounds, Joint Tapes, Sheetrock Jointing Compounds, Sheetrock Accessories +4%
    Knauf Accessories
    Drywall Beads +0%
    Gypsum Parge Coat, Sealants and Mastics, Wallboard Primer, Putty Pads, Cove & Cove Adhesiv, Plasterboard Adhesive +4%
    Knauf Fixings
    Drywall Screws, Nailable Plugs +0%
    Metal Sections
    ‘C’ Studs, Ceiling & Wall Lining Systems, Acoustic ‘C’ Stud, Apertura Metal Component,  ‘U’ Channels, Shaftwall ‘I’ Studs & Staggered Stud, Metal Accessories, ‘MW’ Stud & ‘UW’ Channel +0%
    Specialist Systems
    Knauf Aquapanel - Interior and Exterior
    Aquapanel Boards, Aquapanel Screws +0%
    All other Aquapanel accessories 4%
    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik
    Perforated Plasterboards, Linear Plasterboards, Patterned Plasterboards, Installation Kit +3.5%