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    Technical Centre


    If you are looking for ways to stop wasting energy and money you'll find lots of ideas here. The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free and impartial advice on how to save energy.

    Click the link here to visit their website

    PFC Corofil was the first manufacturer of passive fire products, leading the way with its attention to detail and technical know-how. Their products help maintain the safety of public, private, commercial and historic buildings worldwide. This has been proven time and again with the list of prestigious contracts that are now contained in their portfolio.

    PFC Corofil can offer a full package of penetration seals and cavity barriers to meet today's demanding specifications. With this in mind, PFC's quality of material and workmanship are never compromised.

    The attached Product Guide (right) features PFC's most recent product information. To view Encon's PFC Corofil product offering click here.

    The Planning Portal website aims to provide a one stop shop supplying answers, services and information to anyone involved in the planning process in England and Wales - from home owners and businesses to planning professionals and Government officials.

    This part of the Portal contains information aimed at users with a degree of familiarity with the Building Regulations and the Building Control system.

    Building Regulations apply in England & Wales and promote standards for most aspects of a building's construction, energy efficiency in buildings, the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings.

    For convenience, the most recent versions of the Approved Documents for the fourteen technical "Parts" of the Building Regulations' requirements are accessible from the site. You can then quickly download each volume of the approved documents in PDF format.

    The ones most commonly associated with the products we stock are Part E (Resistance to Sound), and Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power). These are avialable from the website below.

    To view the Planning Portal Building Regulations site click here


    The coefficient of heat transmission or thermal transmittance, a U-Value is basically a measure of heat loss through a structural element. It is calculated on the rate at which heat transfers through 1 square metre of a structure, where the temperature difference between the inner and outer face is 1 degree Celsius.

    U-Value (w/m²K) = the measure of structural heat loss per unit of surface area


    Lambda (λ) Value Calculation

    Lambda value λ(w/mK) = the value of the insulating capacity of product designed for thermal performance. Examples include Glass mineral wool Loft roll at 0.044w/mk, and Celotex GA4000 PIR board at 0.022w/mk.

    The lower the value, the better the insulating capacity of the product (for a given thickness).


    R-Value Calculation

    The Lambda  (λ) values, combined with thickness of product, give the thermal resistance - or R value - of each element in a structure. R value is a measure of thermal resistance, measured as:


    The higher the R value of any element, the better its ability to resist the transmission of heat.

    Other elements included in calculation would be cavity air spaces, surface air films, and the reflective capacity of aluminium foil surfaces.

    U-Value Calculation

    U-Values are calculated as the reciprocal of the sum of R values, i.e.                      1                     
                                                                                                                      total sum of R values

    The lower figure reached in calculation, the better the insulation value of the structure . ....


    To discuss any technical aspects of your insulation requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our branches,

    To find out what current building regulations stipulate, please click the link here to the building regulations part of our website.


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