CALOSTAT®: The High Performance Insulation Material

New to the UK market, CALOSTAT® is an innovative high performance insulation material from Evonik. The strong and durable insulation panel is non-combustible and can be used in many different applications.

CALOSTAT® is a high-performance insulation material that combines the best insulation values with fire protection and sustainability. It is a purely mineral insulation material based on silicon dioxide.

The high-performance insulation and its outstanding values make it the material of choice for challenging applications.

Key features:

  • A class A (non-combustible) building material
  • Remarkably low thermal conductivity λ of 0.019 W/(mK)
  • High compressive strength of ≥ 90 kPa
  • Gross density of 165 kg/m³


Where can I use CALOSTAT insulation?

The special properties of CALOSTAT® mean that the insulation panels can be used in a wide range of applications where the advantages of the material are fully exploited.

The insulating panel has been developed for various high performance insulation applications including flat & pitched roofs, in soffits of underground basements & carparks, throughout the internal structure of the building and in the façade build up, being used as rainscreen insulation as well as for unitized façade panels.

Most of the times CALOSTAT® is used where space is very limited and an A - fire rating is required. It can also help to minimize the thickness of the build-up in order to enlarge floor area.


CALOSTAT insulation panels are available in four variants:

A highly efficient and non-combustible insulating material, best suited in systems that are pre-fabricated, such as in various façade systems or prefabricated composite elements.


A CALOSTAT® Pure core, mechanically bonded to two facings of mineral wool.

This insulation panel is suitable for the insulation rainscreen cladding systems and soffits of underground parking lots & basements.


A CALOSTAT® Pure core with a mechanically bonded mineral wool covering layer on the face and a woven glass fleece on the rear.


A CALOSTAT® Pure core wrapped in an A-rated glass fibre fabric.

This panel is suitable for use as rainscreen insulation, to insulate soffits of underground parking lots & basements; it is also used as interior insulation, as core insulation for cavity walls and also in pitched & flat roofs.


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