Armstrong Hydroboard

Hydroboard is the ideal solution for hydrotherapy areas as well as toilets, shower areas, swimming pools and more. They can resist 95-100% RH and provide excellent acoustic performance at Class A sound absorption. Hydroboard can resist temperatures of up to 40°C and are available at a wide range of edge details, being compatible with the Armstrong Prelude 24 Corrosive Resistance, Prelude 15 TL/XL2, Prelude 24 XL2/TLS, Prelude 24 Sixty 2 XL2/TLS, Interlude HRC XL2 and the Silhouette 6mm XL2 suspension grid systems. For maximum efficiency, Hydroboard should be installed on our Armstrong Prelude 24NC non-corrosive grid, particularly when exposed to 100% humidity areas. Hydroboard is made up of 20% recycled content, are 100% recyclable and can be recycled through the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Programme. 30 Year system guarantee.

Product code : 56CA19