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    Wall Lining - ExternalWall Lining - Internal & Partitions

    Product Type:

      Gypsum Fibreboard

    Market Sector:

      Building, Nevill Long

    Fermacell Gypsum Fibre Boards (36S)

    Product Description:

    Fermacell is produced using ordinary materials in an extraordinary way. Recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibres from post consumer waste paper and recycled water are combined to form a homogenous mass, which is then formed into a dense sheet material. After drying, the large format boards are cut to size.

    The manufacturing technique is not only unique because of the material it produces, but also due to the fact that the process itself is fully recycling – all by-products are fed back into the system, ensuring no waste is produced. Both the product and the process have been awarded the coveted Rosenheim Institute of Construction Biology and Ecology certificate. Fermacell products are CE marked, ETA and BBA approved.


    Using Fermacell Boards on either Metal or Timber partitions provides properties associated with solid masonry with the flexibility and speed of drywall, in a construction that is often thinner, quicker and cheaper to install than both.

    This is largely achievable due to the all round performance of the Fermacell Boards that provide superior Fire, Acoustic and Impact performance that eliminates wet trades making practical, technical and commercial sense.


    Fermacell is perfectly suited for wall lining solutions, from lining of proprietary metal systems to traditional timber frame as well as dot and dab fixing.

    The use of Fermacell with wall lining systems creates a quick and simple way to install systems that reduce the wet trades required as the fast and simple jointing systems for Fermacell Boards Fine Surface Treatment (FST).

    Timber Frame

    Fermacell has a number of Timber Frame solutions to suit loadbearing and non loadbearing applications. Their timber frame systems provide simple solutions for internal partitions and party walls including Part E and Robust Detail compliant systems.

    By using Fermacell the construction time of Timber Frame can be reduced by stapling or nailing Fermacell to the timber substrate; in addition the use of Fermacell Jointstik and Fine Surface Treatment (FST) reduces the drying times associated with traditional Dry Lining/plastering methods.

    Fermacell Powerpanel H2O Boards are for external cladding on timber-framed or steel constructions providing weatherproofing, structural rigidity, fire protection and sound proofing. Powerpanel H2O can be used internally for waterproofing in commercial projects such as swimming pools and shower areas.

    We have a large range of Fermacell Timber Frame systems, the full selection is listed in the Partition section of the Fermacell Orange Book and Fermacell Timber Frame Solutions 


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    36S70342 FELS 70342 T/E 4 SIDES 1200x 900x10mm
    36S70042 FELS 70042 ONE MAN BRD 1200x 900x10mm
    36S70000 FELS 70000 ONE MAN BRD 1200x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70023 FELS 70023 STANDARD BRD 2500x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70024 FELS 70024 STANDARD BRD 2400x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70025 FELS 70025 STANDARD BRD 2600x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70026 FELS 70026 STANDARD BRD 3000x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70027 FELS 70027 STANDARD BRD 2400x 600x10mm BOARD
    36S70038 FELS 70038 STANDARD BRD 2800x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70039 FELS 70039 STANDARD BRD 2700x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70101 FELS 70101 ONE MAN BRD 1500x1000x10mm BOARD
    36S70181 FELS 70181 ONE MAN BRD 1200x 800x10mm BOARD
    36S70308 FELS 70308 T/E 2 SIDES 2400x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70309 FELS 70309 T/E 2 SIDES 2600x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70310 FELS 70310 T/E 2 SIDES 2800x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70311 FELS 70311 T/E 2 SIDES 3000x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70312 FELS 70312 T/E 2 SIDES 2500x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70314 FELS 70314 T/E 4 SIDES 2400x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70315 FELS 70315 T/E 4 SIDES 2600x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70316 FELS 70316 T/E 4 SIDES 2800x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70317 FELS 70317 T/E 4 SIDES 3000x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70318 FELS 70318 T/E 4 SIDES 2500x1200x10mm BOARD
    36S70338 FELS 70338 T/E 4 SIDES 1200x 800x10mm BOARD
    36S70350 FELS 70350 GREENLINE BRD 1500x1000x10mm BOARD
    36S71602 FELS 71602 GREENLINE BRD 2600x1200x12.5m
    36S71342 FELS 71342 T/E 4 SIDES 1200x 900x12.5mm
    36S71042 FELS 71042 ONE MAN BRD 1200x 900x12.5mm
    36S71002 FELS 71002 ONE MAN BRD 1500x1000x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71023 FELS 71023 STANDARD BRD 2500x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71024 FELS 71024 STANDARD BRD 2400x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71025 FELS 71025 STANDARD BRD 2600x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71026 FELS 71026 STANDARD BRD 3000x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71027 FELS 71027 STANDARD BRD 2400x 600x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71038 FELS 71038 STANDARD BRD 2800x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71039 FELS 71039 STANDARD BRD 2700x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71153 FELS 71153 ONE MAN BRD 1200x 800x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71154 FELS 71154 ONE MAN BRD 1200x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71308 FELS 71308 T/E 2 SIDES 2400x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71309 FELS 71309 T/E 2 SIDES 2600x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71310 FELS 71310 T/E 2 SIDES 2800x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71311 FELS 71311 T/E 2 SIDES 3000x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71312 FELS 71312 T/E 2 SIDES 2500x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71314 FELS 71314 T/E 4 SIDES 2400x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71315 FELS 71315 T/E 4 SIDES 2600x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71316 FELS 71316 T/E 4 SIDES 2800x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71317 FELS 71317 T/E 4 SIDES 3000x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71318 FELS 71318 T/E 4 SIDES 2500x1200x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71330 FELS 71330 T/E 4 SIDES 1200x 800x12.5mm BOARD
    36S71425 FELS 71425 FIREPANEL 2600x1200x12.5mm
    36S71424 FELS 71424 FIREPANEL 2400x1200x12.5mm
    36S71351 FELS 71351 GREENLINE BRD 3000x1200x12.5m
    36S71000 FELS STANDARD BRD 2400x1200x12.5mm PR
    36S72342 FELS 72342 T/E 4 SIDES 1200x 900x15mm
    36S72042 FELS 72042 ONE MAN BRD 1200x 900x15mm
    36S72023 FELS 72023 STANDARD BRD 2500x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72024 FELS 72024 STANDARD BRD 2400x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72025 FELS 72025 STANDARD BRD 2600x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72026 FELS 72026 STANDARD BRD 3000x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72039 FELS 72039 STANDARD BRD 2700x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72101 FELS 72101 ONE MAN BRD 1500x1000x15mm BOARD
    36S72308 FELS 72308 T/E 2 SIDES 2400x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72309 FELS 72309 T/E 2 SIDES 2600x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72311 FELS 72311 T/E 2 SIDES 3000x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72314 FELS 72314 T/E 4 SIDES 2400x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72315 FELS 72315 T/E 4 SIDES 2600x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72317 FELS 72317 T/E 4 SIDES 3000x1200x15mm BOARD
    36S72320 FELS 72320 T/E 4 SIDES 1500x1000x15mm BOARD
    36S72000 FELS STANDARD BRD 2400x1200x16.0mm
    36S73001 FELS 73001 ONE MAN BRD 1500x1000x18mm BOARD
    36S73023 FELS 73023 STANDARD BRD 2500x1200x18mm BOARD
    36S73024 FELS 73024 STANDARD BRD 2400x1200x18mm BOARD
    36S73025 FELS 73025 STANDARD BRD 2600x1200x18mm BOARD
    36S73026 FELS 73026 STANDARD BRD 3000x1200x18mm BOARD
    36S73039 FELS 73039 STANDARD BRD 2700x1200x18mm BOARD
    36S75030 FELS 75030 POWERPANEL HD 2600x1250x15mm BOARD
    36S75031 FELS 75031 POWERPANEL HD 3000x1250x15mm BOARD
    36S75053 FELS 75053 POWERPANEL H2O 1200x1000x12.5 BOARD
    36S75054 FELS 75054 POWERPANEL H2O 2600x1200x12.5 BOARD
    36S75055 FELS 75055 POWERPANEL H2O 3010x1200x12.5 BOARD
    36S75068 FELS-75068 POWERPANEL H2O 2000x1250x12.5
    36S75070 FELS 75070 POWERPANEL H2O 1250x500x25mm BOARD
    36S75076 FELS 75076 P/P DRAIN OUTLET 500x500mm BOARD
    36S75080 FELS 75080 P/P SHOWER TRAY 1000x1000mm BOARD
    36S75064 FELS 75064 POWERPANEL H2O 2600x1200x12.5
    36S75065 FELS 75065 POWERPANEL H2O 3010x1250x12.5
    36S76003 FELS 76003 2E13 FLOORING 1500x500x40mm BOARD
    36S76004 FELS 76004 2E14 FLOORING 1500x500x50mm BOARD
    36S76030 FELS 76030 2E32 FLOORING 1500x500x30mm BOARD
    36S76043 FELS 76043 2E32 FLOORING 1500x500x35mm BOARD
    36S76045 FELS 76045 2E31 FLOORING 1500x500x30mm BOARD
    36S76046 FELS 76046 2E33 FLOORING 1500x500x35mm BOARD
    36S76053 FELS 76053 2E13 FLOORING 1500x500x45mm BOARD
    36S76101 FELS 76101 2E11 FLOORING 1500x500x20mm BOARD
    36S76141 FELS 76141 2E22 FLOORING 1500x500x25mm BOARD
    36S76350 FELS 76350 2E31GL FLOORING 1500x500x30mm BOARD

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