Knauf Drywall Moisture Panel (53SM)

Knauf Drywall Moisture Panel moisture resistant plasterboard
Knauf Drywall Moisture Panel moisture resistant plasterboard


Market Sector:


Nevill Long

Product Type:
  • Plasterboard - Performance
  • Wall Lining - Internal & Partitions

Product Description:

Knauf Moisture Panel is a high performance plasterboard for use in internal areas of high humidity and temporary external exposure.

Use Knauf Moisture Panel in areas that are prone to high humidity or moisture - such as kitchens - which would adversely affect other plasterboards. Moistureshield's core contains additives to protect it in these conditions.

Key features:

  • Green face to receive decoration
  • Best option for high humidity areas
  • Fire and Sound Moistureshield options available


When to Use

  • Kitchens, toilets and bathrooms*
  • Where temporary external exposure is necessary

*if tiling in a wet area, use Knauf Aquapanel tile backer


M4 Product Table

Encon Product Code CE Product Description Unit Type Quantity
53SMS1252400 KN MOISTURE PANEL 2400x1200x12.5mm SE BOARD
53SMT1252400 KN MOISTURE PANEL 2400x1200x12.5mm TE BOARD
53SMT1252700 KN MOISTURE PANEL 2700x1200x12.5mm TE BOARD
53SMT1252815 KN-MOISTURE PANEL 2815x1200x12.5mm TE
53SMT1253000 KN MOISTURE PANEL 3000x1200x12.5mm TE BOARD
53SMT1502400 KN MOISTURE PANEL 2400x1200x15.0mm TE BOARD
53SMT1503000 KN MOISTURE PANEL 3000x1200x15.0mm TE BOARD